NCAA Football Analysis


2015 College Bowl Primers: Boxing Day Part II

Let’s finish off what we started, huh?

New Era Pinstripe Bowl: Indiana Hoosiers (6-6) vs. Duke Blue Devils (7-5). 3:30 PM ET, ABC

Will watching this game give me some sort of medical malad?

Yes, Duke vs. Indiana will cause Voluntary Diarrhea. Voluntary in the sense that your brain understands what’s unfolding in front of it and decides to resort to drastic measures to get you away from this game.

Will it really be that bad, or are you making a joke?

Neither team completed over 60% of their passes, and both were on a four game losing streak at some point in the season.

But Indiana’s offence is good!

Yes, this is true. The Hoosiers have scored 27 points or more ten times this season. They’re also one of the safer teams in the nation, with only 11 turnovers this year.

So how are they 6-6?

Well, their defence is pretty bad. Four of those aforementioned 27 point games were losses, mostly due to the fact that they can’t get teams off of the field. Opponents convert 42.6% of their third downs against the Hoosiers, and gain about 6.4 yards per play. That’s not sustainable for Indiana’s defence. If they can keep opponents off the field, they’ll win easily.

Generic followup question about Duke being able to stay on the field against Indiana

Good question! They convert 44% of their third downs, but they need to stay on the field longer. They’re a perfect 4-0 when outpossessing opponents and 3-5 when getting outpossessed. Hold that ball!

Winner: Indiana

Camping World Independence Bowl: Tulsa Golden Hurricane (6-6) vs. Virginia Tech Hokies (6-6). 5:45 PM ET, ESPN

Is this game a threat to our independence?

Yes. Britain is plotting annexation as we speak, and the weak ass White House will let it stand. We need Decker.

Better question, is this a tribute to Frank Beamer, or an insult?

Well giving him Tulsa for a easy final win is a nice touch, but we feel that maybe Beamer should’ve gotten a team that didn’t get 30 points scored against them every game but one this season. At least give the man a challenge.

Is this the year’s depressing game you shouldn’t watch?

Yes. Sorry Frank.

Winner: Virginia Tech

Foster Farms Bowl: Nebraska Cornhuskers (5-7) vs. UCLA Bruins (8-4). 9:15 PM ET, EPSN

Nebraska can’t be that bad, can they? They did beat Michigan State

They lost to Purdue and Illinois.

Well then. So UCLA has this in the bag?

They probably should. They beat four ranked teams this year, only allowed 14 sacks this year, and converted 45% of their third downs. They’re pretty good.

How can Nebraska potentially win this game?

If they get in the red zone, they’re in good hands. They scored touchdowns 71% of their red zones trips, and get points 90% of the time in general. The trick is getting there. They throw interceptions every 43 offensive plays, and once every 22 passing plays.

Defensively, they could take away UCLA’s rushing game, having only allowed 3.7 yards per carry this year. That’s going to be crucial, but not deadly. UCLA is also good at passing, but if you make them one dimensional, they’re easier to contain.

So there’s a chance?

Haha no

Winner: UCLA


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